Welcome to the North West England and North Wales Coastal Group

We are a group of Local Authorities, the Environment Agency and other organisations who manage the coastline from Great Orme’s Head in Wales to the Scottish Border on the Solway Firth. The coastline is a dynamic, ever-changing place that is home to many people and businesses, as well as being important for its variety of environmental and geologic features. As a Group we examine the social, economic and environmental issues that arise on the coastline and seek to find the best policies to deal with those issues.

New Look Website

We have revamped our website and while most of the same information is still available, how it is accessed has changed. Information on Shoreline Management Plans is available under the Shoreline Management menu as before, but we now have a map interface that can be used to look at specific information for discreet lengths of coastline within Cell 11.

The new look site is still under development and new information will be added over the next few weeks, including expansion of what is available through the map interface.

If you notice any errors, or links that don’t work please let us know by emailing info@mycoastline.org